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Coming of age on a remote mountain in Tennessee, Murrell soon realizes that his wit and common sense may be all he has to help him navigate his journey through life. Murrell works hard to overcome his physical disability, only to end up alone at a Work Farm. His survival on a farm for the poor is filled with heartaches, loneliness, and perilous situations. When Murrell finally gets to return to his Bays Mountain, he reunites with his Daa. His determination and grit to build a good life and win the love of his life, Cora, will entertain, educate, and surprise.


His abusive family tore him away from her. Would destiny be enough to bring him back? At ten years old, Chris didn't have good looks, a caring family, or a bright future. But what he did have for three years was the love of Danielle, his beautiful neighbor on Fairhaven Street who showed him a glimpse of a life he desperately wanted. To escape his abusive father, Chris was forced to move out of state with his mother to the icy hills of Michigan. All he could leave Danielle with was half of a heart-shaped pendant and a promise that he would one day return for her. To have any chance of getting her back, he would have to end over one hundred years of abuse in his family, something his mother claimed he was destined to carry on. 


Former Air Force Combat Rescue Officer, Rafe Cross, has seen it all, not only while in uniform but as an operative on the elite Maverick Ops security team that has a reputation of doling out hard justice. However, nothing could have prepared him for his current assignment in his hometown of Canyon Ridge, Texas. When bones are unearthed in a shallow grave, Rafe and the towns sheriff, Bree ONeil, are convinced they've stumbled upon the remains of their long-lost friend, and the discovery not only threatens to tear the town apart, but it also spurs a killer to come after them.

Jake Longly is never saying yes to his father again It was a simple task. Five minutes tops. Ex-pro baseball player Jake Longly and his girlfriend, Nicole, are asked by Jake' s father, Ray, a private investigator, to pick up some papers from a realtor for his business. 

Jake would rather be lying on the beach outside of his Gulf Shores restaurant, but he begrudgingly agrees. It'll only take a few minutes. But somehow, things are never simple in Ray' s world. When Jake and Nicole reach the office, they find it empty except for the dead body of the realtor lying on the floor, a single gunshot wound to his head. Who could've wanted him dead? 

Lust wasn’t a distraction that I had time for, and love was even further off the table. My career was demanding and required my undivided attention which left little time for romance. But when my sister went missing

after meeting a guy from the same dating app as the beautiful— way too young for me— college student that I had been assigned to protect, everything changed. 

A new generation carries on the legacy of service in the latest Grey Man novella...

Marine Corporal Jace Cronin, a scout/sniper, survived insurgents in the Philippines, only to be handed an even greater challenge: the Naval Academy. He won't be headed in alone, though. Esme Carter got her own slot and is ready to go head to head with him over who's the best. They've got their eyes on lieutenant's bars and pilot slots, and woe betide anyone who gets in the way! 

After too much action, too much peace gets on a man's nerves. John Cronin's back from Vietnam and bored, when Billy Moore suggests he check out the brand new Drug Enforcement Agency. He'd expected paperwork and meetings; he got on-the-job training in South America with stakeouts gone wrong and ambushes exploding into firefights.

This isn't Cronin's first rodeo, and now he's taking the fight to the cartels, from the laboratories hidden deep in the highland jungles to the enforcers in the cities and secure compounds! 

Rio Bell is leading a cattle drive up the Goodnight Loving Trail to Fort Laramie. It's his first time as trail boss, but with trusted hands and hard work, he expects to be back in Texas by late September though fire, flood, or rustlers bar the way!

He didn't count on a range war.

They didn't account for the Rio Kid...

And he sure as hell didn't count on the girl showing up! 

Back in Texas he might be The Rio Kid, but at the other end of a long cattle drive in Fort Collins, Rio Bell is now struggling through his first year as a Colorado rancher. With his new wife, old hands, and a few mountain men, he's learning fast as they deal with winter weather and stubborn cattle.

The killing cold and deep snows bring all new challenges to calving and just getting in supplies, but tempers can run hot as ever. Not everybody wants to see him succeed... or even survive.

They're about to learn he's no greenhorn when it comes to taking care of business, regardless of what that particular business may be. 

History is repeating itself in the most horrific way.

I never wanted to hurt Elena. Being my best friend’s little sister, I knew falling for her would be life-changing. Yet the first time we kissed, something shifted inside of me. I knew without a shadow of a doubt I would give my life to protect her.

Then I began to notice disturbingly familiar trends.

I wasn’t Prince Charming, but I wasn’t a bad guy, either.

I’ve killed people. I’ve sat there patiently, knowing I would be responsible as they took their last breath. I’ve seen the horror of this world by watching the monsters that lurk in the shadows. It was my job to eliminate them, but those days are now behind me.

After completing my last tour in the Marines, my life settled down. There was no more chaos, no more violence. Instead, it’s been spent quietly, enjoying the predictability of each day. Everything had been going according to plan until a beautiful woman showed up on my doorstep asking for help.